A New Bathroom In A Very Old Home in Madison, WI

Recently, we finished a bathroom remodel in an old Victorian home in Madison, WI.

The owner of this home was tired of the look of the tub/shower module and wanted a tiled shower in the bathroom. This bathroom remodel updated her space while maintaining the character of the home. 

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Before


To our surprise during demolition, we found that years ago, a previous owner had sawn through all of the floor joists and many studs in the bathroom walls in order to get plumbing and HVAC through to the current locations. Definitely a case of “Do Not Try This At Home.” 🙂 We relocated the plumbing pipes and HVAC to restore structural stability.

Bathroom Remodel

Structural Issues

Once the structural issues were covered, it was on to creating a gorgeous main bath for the owner to enjoy.

To go with her original woodwork found throughout the home, the owner chose natural cherry cabinetry that would get richer with time, just as her house’s woodwork has. We also managed to strip her door on the bathroom side (previously painted white). We stained it to match the existing woodwork found throughout the house. The trim didn’t match the rest of the house, so we duplicated the trim that was on the other side of the door. This creates a space that looks more original to the Victorian home.

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom After

The colors of the cabinetry are also in the floor and shower tile, pulling everything together. We even found a paint color to match one of the colors in the glass mosaic.

The vanity wall is an accent wall. We kept the dark blue color on that one wall to maintain an open feeling. This creates a focal point at the sink. We also replaced the window that was in the shower with a waterproof window. Now the owner can enjoy a nice, cool breeze.

Bathroom Remodel

Shower After

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